Thailand National Holidays


What days the Thais celebrate:
Magha Puja or Wan Makha Bucha Day: Veneration of the Buddha
Chakri Memorial Day: The founding of the current dynasty, Rama I
Songkran: Four day traditional Thai New Year
Coronation Day: Celebrates the 1950 crowning of HM The King
Visakha Bucha Day: Celebrates the birth and enlightenment of the Buddha
Asarnha Bucha Day: Commemorates the day on which Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon
Chulalongkorn Day: Commemorates King Rama V

National and Regional Holidays in 2014:
7 April (Mon)     Chakri Day Holiday
13 April (Sun)     Maha Songkran Holiday
14 April (Mon)   Maha Songkran Holiday
15 April (Tue)     Maha Songkran Holiday
16 April (Wed)   Maha Songkran Holiday
1 May (Thu)        Labour Day
5 May (Mon)      Coronation Day
13 May (Tue)     Visakha Bucha
1 July (Tue)         Banks are closed
11 July (Fri)         Asalha Bucha Day
12 August (Tue)   Queen’s Birthday
23 October (Thu)   Chulalongkoun Day
5 December (Fri)    King’s Birthday
10 December (Wed)       Constitution Day
31 December (Wed)       New Year Eve

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