Pattaya Floating Market: 10 reasons Why It Is One Of the Top Chinese Tourist Destinations in Pattaya

We at Powerhouse Properties Co,.Ltd couldn’t be happier about the popularity our attractions are having with Chinese tourists. As Jomtien beach’s most well known luxury property developer, we are ecstatic to learn Pattaya is viewed in such a popular way by Chinese visitors and investors. Before continuing to read about our lovely floating market, make sure you have the right agency working with you before investing in Pattaya. Powerhouse Properties Co,.Ltd knows the reasons why Jomtien is becoming Pattaya’s fastest developing area.

1- Pattaya got the number 1 spot for best tourist destination overall

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In June of 2015 the Pattaya Floating Market was bestowed a great honor by the Chinese tourists that enjoy travelling to Thailand.

The market was voted one of the top ten best tourist attractions in all of Thailand by 35 million voters. The contest was held in May for three weeks. Pattaya as a destination did very well overall.

The Floating Market delights tourists with all the things one can see in a single visit to the market. If you love to shop, then do not miss the most diverse shopping experience in all of Thailand by visiting the Pattaya Floating Market.

Pattaya has an aggressive plan to promote itself as a family friendly sustainable tourist destination over the next decade and with the support of the Chinese tourists it will reach its goals. When you visit Pattaya be sure and visit the Floating Market, and go hungry!

2-The food

fresh food at floating market

There is food represented at the Floating Market from every corner of Thailand. Delight in North Eastern fare like Som Tam Bpu Bpala (spicy papaya salad with rotten crab) and fresh vegetables with Nam Prik Tha Dang (spicy fermented fish paste) Barbecued chicken and sticky rice.

The North Eastern region of Thailand is also knows as Issan and you will find some of the spiciest food on the planet comes from here. The foods suggested here are intense, spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter all at the same time creating a veritable symphony of flavors. If you want to be ultimately adventurous try this super spicy fare.

On the other side of the Kingdom far to the south you will find some of the best curries around with ingredients like bamboo shoots, lotus stems, and phak tong, a japanese pumpkin.

The central region is famous for producing a variety of kanom (snacks and desserts). I suggest the cotton candy like knom from the Ayutthaya region, the former capital of the kingdom of Siam.

For Northern fare check out all the different types of sausages available to try. Some are spicy and some are sweet. They are made from pork, chicken or fish.
Perhaps before you decide on the best type of food for lunch you should tour the market in the traditional style.

3-The shopping experience of “little Venice”

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As far back as the late 1600s the Ayutthaya region was known world wide as the Venice of the East. This feeling is still captured when visiting there, and the floating market of Pattaya has captured the essence of this feel as well.

Hire a row boat (bpai lira) powered by a man to tour the 100,000 sqm market the traditional way. The boats are typically large enough to accommodate up to 4 people. The ride down the canals is peaceful and you can even conduct business from boat to boat just like they have been doing in Thailand for hundreds of years.

4-Shopping for Thai Silk

buying thai products in pattaya great shopping

Thai silk is renowned around the world. In Korat they still use looms and make the silk by hand. You can see examples of this at the Floating Market still. This art of weaving silk by hand is amazing to watch and the fabrics that come from it are rich and beautiful.

Threads of gold are often woven into the patterns to make gorgeous garments in the traditional style. These hand made silk garments are often worn by Thai Traditional Dancers and you will see how beatiful the material looks when it is moving when you attend the cultural show that is held daily.

5-The Cultural Show at the Pattaya Floating Market

There are a variety of different shows depicting traditional performances from around the Kingdom. Visitors can enjoy Thai classical dance and see the silk fabrics on gorgeous Thai dancers while they bend there limbs at impossible angles.

Muay Thai is the traditional martial art of Thailand and the deadliest martial art in the world, spectators can view traditional Muay Thai fighting expos on a daily basis.

To take it up a notch there is also water boxing where the fights happen on horizontal poles high above the canals. This is done at temples by young boys at many different celebrations all over Thaialnd and is a riot to watch and a little scary. In addition to these displays or art in motion there is also the option of art you can take with you.

6-Buying Beautiful Thai Art

If you want to take something home with you so you can remember Thailand shopping for a piece of art could really be the best way to go. There are many types of art to choose from. Look through the paintings done in bold neon colors on black canvases. You can see traditional scenes on these of river homes, tigers, elephants and more. There are also wooden carved statues, and signs, as well as portrait painting and under the umbrella paintings.

7-Learning about Thailand

One visit to the floating market can teach visitors and shoppers so many different aspects of the Thai culture. One day spent at the market in Pattaya and you can see art, culture, food and crafts from all over the country.

The colors are bright, the foods are flavorful, and the people will greet you with a smile regardless of the region of Thailand they are from. They have earned the nickname Land of Smiles.

8-The Housing Examples and Homestay Options Coming Soon

If you love the shopping and artistic experience of visiting the Pattaya Floating Market then you will be delighted to know that in the near future you will be able to actually stay in a traditional style Thai Baan as a Homestay option. Go native for a day or a week by enjoying life on the river. Take advantage of the slow life, sip a coconut from your domicile and enjoy munching on rose apples in the late afternoon..

9-The Diversity

diverse thai food

The Pattaya Floating Market showcases the diversity that is Thailand. Each distinct region has their own specialties. The food is different, the housing is different. Even the colors used in making fabrics are different. Each region has its own unique details and seeing the diversity that has developed in such a small country can be mesmerizing.

10- Other touristic attractions in Chonburi that made the list as well

If you will be in Pattaya for more than one day chances are you will want to see more than just the floating market. Great news! Four additional attractions are listed in the top ten in the very same province. Out of the top 10 attractions in Thailand Chonburi province has five of them, as well as the city voted nbumber one tourist destination.

The other attractions that are on the list with the Pattaya Floating Market are, the Alcazar Show, the Tiffany Show, Non Nooch Tropical Garden, and the Sriracha Tiger Zoo.

Whether you want to shop, or learn about local animals and plants, or learn about the culture and food from around Thailand the province of Chonburi has it all covered. From bicylcle riding elephants at Nong Nooch, to petting a tiger at the zoo, or watching the lady boys dazzle audiences at the Tiffany Show there is certainly something for everyone is Pattaya.

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