More Reasons Why Pattaya is the Best Choice to Raise a Family if you decide to Expatriate to Thailand

Welcome to the second chapter of “Why Pattaya is the Best Place to Raise a Family as an Expat in Thailand.” When I began the article I thought it would be one good blog post, and I laid out my structure and then I found it was very easy to write about this subject since I believe it. So I have carried it over to another article with even more reasons to show Pattaya some love.

In the first article we talked about how safe Pattaya is, as far as cities go, the extreme diversity in people that call Pattaya home. We looked at the schools, and the entertainment and theme parks nearby, and of course the diversity of the food.

Pattaya has it all, every kind of Thai food, a host of European cuisine, American, African, Indian, every continent is represented except Antarctica. Brazillian food and Argentine, from South America, literally the world is your oyster when you call Pattaya home. It may not be the biggest, or shiniest oyster but you have it all, in some version or other.

Muay Thai Schools


There are Muay Thai schools all over Pattaya. Muay Thai is so popular in Pattaya that when he stadium suffered a structure fire they still held the matches on the property out doors the very next day. That is totally movie worthy, Hollywood we have your next blockbuster!!! So we know everyone loves the fights so where do you go to learn it, especially while the stadium puts itself back together again? There are a number of schools in and around Pattaya. I myself like to get out of the city and fitness can be a little intimidating to me so I chose to go to Rayong to a fabulous little school on the beach to learn Muay Thai. Suan Son Muay Thai School is great for fighters of all skill levels. There were two pro level coaches on the grounds the weekend I went, and watch for the special camps they have where they have a host of pros from around he world come and do 3 day Muay Thai Camps.

Water Sports

Scyba Diving is popular in Pattaya

Pattaya has every type of water sport imaginable. Scuba diving is a popular activity that you can learn with Dive in Pattaya, hit the beach at Jomtien or Pattaya to rent a jet ski, take a ride on a banana boat. Every morning Pattaya offers parasailing, the breezes for which Pattaya gets its name are ideal for this. There is kite surfing and windsurfing available in Na Jomtien, the good winds, calm surf, and low amount of people make this an ideal location. The other reason to travel to Na Jomtien for watersports is the FLYBOARDING fly like a bird, swim like a fish. Flyboarding was invented in 2012 and they are jet boots that strap to your feet and are powered by a jet ski engine and remote control. Snorkeling and sunbating are also available in abundance.

The Shopping in Pattaya and Jomtien

Central Festival Pattaya is a great option to go shopping

Pattaya is home to the largest seaside shopping mall in all of Asia. Pattaya may not be the prettiest beach in the world, however, the view of Pattaya Bay with its half moon and golden sand, is gorgeous from the top floor of Central at sunset. The view can actually be quite breathtaking if you catch it at the right time of day and are not expecting that wild sunset to be spanning the six story windows giving a sweeping view of the bay.

Far away from the bustle is the Pattaya Floating Market. Where Central pays homage to the best shopping malls of today, the Pattaya Floating Market celebrates Thai Culture from all its distinct regions. You can buy everything Thailand is famous for at the Floating Market, fine Thai silk that is made on a loom cranked by hand. Please read the article about the floating market, it is a Pattaya treasure.

The Proximity to the Airport(s)

Utapao is one of the three airoprt options close to Pattaya

Pattaya and Chonburi are easily accessible by three major international airports. You know all about Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang International, but what about U-tapao? The Army Airfileld that is a large part of the reason that Pattaya exisits. U-Tapao is undergoing renovations this year to increase capacity from 800,000 passengers to 3,000,000 in order to help relieve the congestion at the two hubs in Bangkok proper.

Pattaya is central to Thailand’s infrastructure improvements while the nation prepares for more open trade and borders between ASEAN nations and China. Pattaya has access to a deep sea port, three international airports, the ferry projects are beginning starting with the surveying of the ports, and the rail is in the works, both high speed and traditional railroad ties. Japan is upgrading and Thailand is going to come into this century. Amusing they will upgrade their rail system on a nation wide scale before the USA. With land and sea covered and a full scale international airport underway Pattaya is in a very good position for future growth.

Pattaya is up and coming, and that is exactly the type of place to raise a family.

This article will continue with even more reasons to show Pattaya some love, and realize it is a family friendly up and coming tourist destination.



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