Jomtien Beach Pattaya

When one visits Pattaya, especially the tourist sections it is easy to believe there is not much beyond Walking Street and the Go Go Bars. Pattaya Beach is filled with hotels, shopping, restaurants, and of course bars and clubs. The town parties around the clock and there is a constant flux of tourists and travellers coming and going. Travel just ten minutes south though and you will find the seaside resort town of Jomtien Beach, the other beach of Pattaya.

large and spacious sandy beached at Jomtien road Pattaya Thailand

Spacious sandy beaches at Jomtien Pattaya



Jomtien the Other Beach of Pattaya

Jomtien Beach is completely different from its neighbor Pattaya.
Where Pattaya is loaded with tourists, Jomtien Beach is filled with expats from around the world who call Thailand home for at least a significant portion of the year. Jomtien is popular with snowbirds from European nations looking to escape the winter cold. There is a small French community, Russian, Dutch, Swedish and many other clusters of people who call Jomtien home. There is a variety of dining options serving fare from around the world. There are schools, shops, gourmet grocers, home improvement stores, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Living in a Tourist Town

When residing in Jomtien Beach you are close enough to Pattaya to go on a staycation any day of the week, and removed enough to forget that you live in a tourist destination in your day to day living. Jomtien Beach is less crowded, the beach stretches nearly 6 kilometers and there are a variety of watersports, and tours available. One morning I had an out of town visitor and we went to a small shop on Jomtien Beach to purchase a swimming suit.

The store owner asked us where we were heading that day. We told him Koh Larn and he got us a speed boat to take us to the island from right there rather than us having to drive to Bali Hai pier. I’m sure it cost more but the convenience was amazing.

There are many things to do at Jomtien Beach, from chilling out under an umbrella, to riding on the back of a banana boat with a handful of friends, to bathing in the sun, or chartering a boat to visit one of the nearby islands.

Along the beach are many different types of restaurants, hotels, condos, and shops that are frequented by locals and visitors. At the far southern end of the beach is an amazing seafood restaurant that has been in business for over twenty years.

Whenever guests come to visit and they want great seafood dining on the beach we always go there. It is exceptionally reasonable, and they serve quite a few different types of wine.


 jomthien beach Pattaya: Tourists enjoying the sand and new walk ways

Tourists enjoying their time at Jomtien beach

Where are the locals at?

The main road leading to Jomtien Beach from Sukhumvit is Soi Chaiyapruek. Here you will find a plethora of businesses catering to locals, such as French and German bakeries, a dog hotel, a used book store, internet cafe, car and motorbike rental, and a number of guest houses and Thai restaurants. Further up the road is a fantastic night market just before the train tracks for fresh produce, meat, and rice.

There are several private schools in Jomtien Beach with programs in English, Thai, Chinese, and French. The Chonburi Immigration Office is also located in Jomtien Beach right on Soi 5. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that. Due to the high number of expats in and around Pattaya the level of English at the Jomtien Immigration Office is excellent.

The cost of Living in Jomtien Beach

Even though Jomtien Beach is right next door to Pattaya the prices on everything from food, to housing are less.

The price of condos is significantly higher since the area is nearly full and the land commands a premium. With less and less development happening the condos that are left in Pattaya cost more than in Jomtien.

The inventory coming out in Jomtien over the next three years will give buyers and investors many choice to get in on the market at the right time. For anyone that says, “I wish I would have invested in Pattaya 20 years ago” your opportunity is right in front of you. Investing in the property market in Jomtien Beach today will garner similar responses in future decades.

 Jomtien Pattaya street food seller at the beach

Prices for condos and general living are lower than Pattaya, live also tend to be more relaxed than downtown

Sustainable Tourism

On Pratumnak Hill, or Big Buddha Hill, bordering Pattaya and Jomtien you will see evidence of the transformation happening to Pattaya. The mayor has long term goals for Pattaya to be a world class sports and tourism destination with a foundation built on sustainable green tourism.

One of the projects underway right now on Pratumnak Hill is the renovation of the hillside to bring in more natural flora and fauna, benches, birds, and other wildlife such as butterflies. The construction on Sukhumvit Road between Pattaya and Jomtien will help alleviate traffic congestion and beautify the roads. The tunnel being dug will take traffic underground for over 2 km and in place of the above ground road will be manicured gardens which will help with pollution, and give the city a lovely continuity.

Living and buying property in Jomtien Beach

Living in Jomtien Beach is not for everyone, but for those that it suits it is a perfect seaside town. It is close to U­tapao Airport the newest up and coming international hub connecting Pattaya with China and other cities in many new countries.

Jomtien is only two hours from Bangkok, and the airport bus station is located at the Food Mart allowing a quick connection to Suvarnabhumi without having to hassle with Pattaya. Property prices are slightly lower, while the land size and condo sizes tend to be larger than in Pattaya. Pattaya is accessible by the baht bus 24 hours a day for a mere 10 baht.

The beach is less crowded, and the traffic is nowhere near as bad. Jomtien Beach is a great alternative to Pattaya for anyone that does not need to be in the thick of downtown. Remember to check Powerhouse Development Co,.Ltd’s own property projects in Jomtien, we have 2 very special condo developments in the hear of Jomtien Beach: Skylight and Habitus.

Here’s what real luxury living looks like in the heart of Jomtien:

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