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Shopping in Pattaya can take many forms, the Central festival Mall in Pattaya will give you the most superb mall experience for a beachfront mall in all of Asia. Central Festival was the first completed project by Central Pattana which operates malls across Thailand in such places as Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya, and Hatyai.

The Pattaya location broke ground in 2006 and had their grand opening in 2009. Their BIGGEST claim to fame is that they are the biggest beachfront shopping mall in asia.

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We at Powerhouse Properties Co,.Ltd couldn’t be happier about the popularity our attractions are having with Chinese tourists. As Jomtien beach’s most well known luxury property developer, we are ecstatic to learn Pattaya is viewed in such a popular way by Chinese visitors and investors. Before continuing to read about our lovely floating market, make sure you have the right agency working with you before investing in Pattaya. Powerhouse Properties Co,.Ltd knows the reasons why Jomtien is becoming Pattaya’s fastest developing area. Continue reading ..

U-tapao airport, or the Pattaya Airport is about 90 km south of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. The airport originated as a Royal Thai Navy Airport and was frequented by the US Air-force during the Vietnam war. It was during the beginning of the war that Pattaya became the major draw for US servicemen who were stationed at nearby U-tapao.

The half moon bay beckoned like a siren and the men followed. The golden sands, the clear water, the warm temperatures, all drew the men, and the men drew the businesses that built up around them. A town that grew from a modest fishing village to a world renowned tourist destination in just half a century fueled by the American Military. Today the easiest access to Pattaya is to fly directly to U-tapao airport bypassing either airport in Bangkok.

Terminal Information

In 2008 U-tapao Airport became the main hub for Thailand during the conflicts in the capital that shut down both Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang. The infrastructure was not capable of handling all the traffic, however during that brief period at the end of 2008 it was discovered that this airport was actually in very close proximity to the capital city, especially for those incoming on international flights.

The expansion that has been underway since 2013, came about as a result of the other two airports being taken over by protesters. This works out well, since those airports are both operating beyond capacity currently. U-tapao will be able to relieve some of the congestion whilst giving travelers that want to go beyond Bangkok a viable option without having to set foot in the crowded capital.

New Terminal Information

The new terminal to bolster the infrastructure of the U-tapao airport is due to open June 2016. When the new terminal is completed it will raise the yearly passenger capacity of the airport to 3,000,000 from only 800,000. The civilian side is working in conjunction with the military side and many carriers have been able to add services to the airport already. New routes and flights began being added as early as February 2015 in anticipation of the expansion.

The airport currently services freight traffic more than passenger traffic, however as tourism continues to expand in Pattaya and Thailand as a whole the airports and infrastructure are trying to keep up.

International Routes added to U-Tapao Airport in 2015 & 2016

Thai Airasia added flights direct from Pattaya to China in September 2015. Their base of operations is the airline’s fifth base and they are looking toward strong growth in 2016. Thai Airasia is now serving Nanning in the southwest direct from U-Tapao four times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays while Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday they service Nanchang in southeast China.

In further anticipation of more growth Thai Airasia has commissioned two Airbus A320s for use in their fleet at U-tapao International Airport.

In November 2015 Thai Airasia added two additional routes, one international to Macau, Singapore and the other a domestic flight to Udon Thani, very convenient again for those that want to visit other parts of Thailand without having to go through Bangkok. By the end of 2016 Thai Airasia will have seven bases throughout Thailand all of which will be connected to Greater China and Pattaya is connected to Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur giving travelers many more options for travelling in and around Thailand easier.

In January 2016 both Hong Kong Airlines and China Southern will be operating flights to and from U-Tapao Airport. China Southern has begun with daily service between Pattaya and Shanghai Pudong. Hong Kong Air will operate four flights per week. The R Airline is operating daily flights from U-Tapao to Tai Yuan and Wuhan. Pattaya Airlines is expected to resume operations as well, and more carriers are working on their business plans. Those still in the planning phase are Emirates, and Okay Airways.

Facilities and Shopping

U-Tapao Airport historically has been for freight, and charter flights serving very few passengers yearly. As a result the facilities are not extensive, or large however they do cover all the basics. You will find a Post Office, an internet cafe, both a coffee shop, and a restaurant as well as several shopping opportunities. There is a jewelry store, a duty free shop, and a gift shop. If you want a snack on the go, there is also a convenience store.

Transportation to Pattaya

by Taxi

There is a small taxi counter. The price of a taxi to Pattaya will range usually from 600-800 baht depending on where you are actually staying, and the day and time your taxi transport is required.

by Airport Transfer

There are numerous companies in Pattaya that provide transfer service to and from the airport. Pattaya Central Transfers will provide private transport with a compact car, family car or minivan for 800 THB to 1500 THB depending on the car size selected.

by Minibus

There is also a Minibus counter. This is the least expensive way to travel the Pattaya, it is only 250 baht, however, it is also the most harrowing. Anyone who has ever been to Thailand has seen minivans or minibuses careening down the road, if you have ever been in one, the shared ones get overloaded more often than not, and you may take away one of those stories featured on “When Vacations Attack” Use this service at your own risk.

*Author’s note: I frequently use the minivans and live to tell the tale, however, I’m often told I’m crazy.

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When one visits Pattaya, especially the tourist sections it is easy to believe there is not much beyond Walking Street and the Go Go Bars. Pattaya Beach is filled with hotels, shopping, restaurants, and of course bars and clubs. The town parties around the clock and there is a constant flux of tourists and travellers coming and going. Travel just ten minutes south though and you will find the seaside resort town of Jomtien Beach, the other beach of Pattaya. Continue reading ..

It is the middle of November 2015. I arrived in Pattaya in May 2014 right at the beginning of the low season. I was teaching then and the kids go back to school in Thailand in May. Shortly after the Songkran holiday, or Thai New Year Celebration Pattaya quiets down to off season status, and just like countless resort towns across the globe hibernates until the high season comes around again. Continue reading ..

Welcome to the second chapter of “Why Pattaya is the Best Place to Raise a Family as an Expat in Thailand.” When I began the article I thought it would be one good blog post, and I laid out my structure and then I found it was very easy to write about this subject since I believe it. So I have carried it over to another article with even more reasons to show Pattaya some love.

In the first article we talked about how safe Pattaya is, as far as cities go, the extreme diversity in people that call Pattaya home. We looked at the schools, and the entertainment and theme parks nearby, and of course the diversity of the food.

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